A philosophical GNU  


Helping our partners to master technologies

We offer first-hand experience as Free Software developers, bringing companies to full speed by exploiting GNU/Linux in real-life environments.

Offering everyone freedom of choice

Free Software means freedom to change and port to different environments. Thus, we don't bind anyone to a specific hardware platform or software environment; you can build on what we give you, to better serve your business needs. By delivering all the information associated to our software or services, we enpower our partners without making them dependent on us.

Respecting and leveraging copyright and droit d'auteur

Our long-standing experience with the best Free Software packages enables us to pick the most suitable technologies and include or adapt them to the problems we face. Thus, the copyright holders of our packages are the developers themselves - this way, the positive feedback associated to code sharing is fostered. In order to best serve our clients' privacy concerns and to obey their copyright terms, we won't get directly involved in proprietary code and we'll focus on the Free Software system components.

Delivering top-quality solutions

Our software packages and our working documents guarantee high quality because we build them on the basis of state-of-the-art information and resources, and design them to withstand public review.