A philosophical GNU  

Software packages

This pages lists some of the software packages we developed and published. The list is not exhaustive, and each of us has more on own sites.

  • fiq-engine: Glue code to run a task under fast-irq in Linux-arm.
  • lpirq: Sample code for managing an interrupt on the parallel port.
  • pxc: A driver for the pxc200 frame grabber by ImageNation.
  • guts: An X11 device driver for various touchscreens models.
  • onetouch: An X11 device driver for onetouch touchscreens.
  • ocan: Open-CAN is a device driver for the Intel 82527 CAN controllers.

More details and URI to source code of the drivers are summarized in the table below
Name Version Date Manual Download More details
fiq-engine 1.2 2009-05 fiq-engine.html fiq-engine-1.0.tar.gz
lpirq 3.0 2009-01 lpirq.html lpirq-3.0.tar.gz
pxc 1.01 2005-11 pxc.html pxc-1.01.tar.gz ar.linux.it
guts 1.00 2004-07 guts.html guts-1.00.tar.gz ar.linux.it
onetouch 1.2 2003-03 onetouch.html onetouch-1.2.tar.gz ar.linux.it
ocan 0.92 2004-11 ocan.html ocan-0.92.tar.gz ar.linux.it