A philosophical GNU  

What we do

We don't sell vaporware. We don't do everything, because we think that you can't know everything. That's the reason why we became GNU Dedicated Developers instead of just doing everything.

However, we are part of the free software community and in touch with a number of other developers. Chances are that even if we don't meet your requirements we can suggest who to call instead. Feel free to call us by email.

Core Business

Kernel Device Drivers (GPL license). [contact]
Device drivers for various hardware, both internal (ISA, PCI and on-board components) and external (USB etc.).

X11 Drivers (X11 license). [contact]
XInput devices such as touch screens and software keyboards.

User Space Drivers (GPL or LGPL license). [contact]
Software abstractions for serial devices, simple I/O etc. Network servers to export acquired data.

Embedded Systems (HW) (consulting and GPL code/documentation). [contact]
Ports of the Linux kernel and boot process to run on your own custom device, possibly adapting to a specific CPU flavour. Our experience includes PPC, ARM, MIPS, ColdFire, SH4, Cris and other CPU families.

Embedded Systems (SW) (consulting and GPL code/documentation). [contact]
Customization of the boot process, filesystem and storage choices to your production environment.

Other Offerings

System Integration (consulting and GPL code/documentation). [contact]
Putting new solutions based on Libre Software to work in a pre-existing environment: HTTP, DNS, Mail, File servers, Office Automation, Groupware solutions.

Networking. [contact]
Planning and deployment of TCP/IP networks, either from scratch or integrated into pre-existing environment. Performance tests and optimizations.

Security. [contact]
Planning of security solutions for your infrastructure; probing of your structure for security vulnerabilities.